How to choose a landscape designer or landscape gardener


There are plenty of landscape designers and landscape gardeners throughout Hertfordshire so how can I convince you to choose Heath Landscapes Construction and Design? It would be great if you chose my business, although that isn’t the point or purpose of this blog.

Instead, we will discuss how to choose a landscape designer or landscape gardener for your needs.

Are they a good landscape gardener?

It seems like an obvious question, but the correct answer lies deeper than a convincing advert. In an ideal world, you would use a known and recommended tradesman whose work you have seen and liked- but this is not always an option. Here at Heath Landscapes, we provide photos of our work and give potential clients an insight into what we do. I try to provide before and after shots partly to show the impact our work can have but also it goes a long way to proving we really did the work. It is important to note that some designers may be using stock images, not provided by them. By this, I mean if a photo looks like something out of a magazine, the chances are that they aren’t genuine.  If I use a stock photo I will make clear that it’s for inspiration or example and not my work. I also offer every customer the opportunity to come to a project I am working on to see how my team operate. The aim is to show you how my business works, not just tell you.


Although I have mentioned this above there is something else to mention. When looking through their previous work, make sure it is in line with the type of design you want. If the photos are of small patios and fence repairs, it could be that the company are not right to take on a large scale build. 

Take a look at some of our projects here.

Are they a professional?

By this I mean when you speak to them do they talk knowledgeably about their trade? Can they advise on all aspects of the job layout, design, construction process and materials and more? Can they put forward ideas and solutions? You should also make sure that when the quote is received, detailed, clear and the job specifications are laid out appropriately.

Do they care?

This is almost as important as the work they carry out. If you are working for someone, you have to care about the project, as this in turn will encourage better work. Obviously,, I do this to make a living but I am passionate about landscape and design so creating the best job possible and building on both my portfolio and knowledge of my trade is always my priority, even if this means reducing my profit margins. This leads me to my next point.

Is it for the right price?

I emphasise correct price rather than a cheap price. If you want a high-end job then you have to expect to pay more in order to get the outcome you want. For example, you may want something cheap for utility paving to get by short term. On the other hand, you may want a beautiful York stone patio with weather struck pointing to last for years to come. If you make sure all tradesman are pricing for the same job with the same slabs, base material and depths and laying standards then you can compare like for like. The exception is the standard of finish, but unfortunately, the proof is in the pudding which is why I invite people to see my work. I guess what I am saying is don’t go to a Ferrari dealer and expect to compare the price to a ford focus. Both have a role to play, its about deciding which is right for you.


Although it may seem tempting, it would never be advised to ask a tradesmen to reduce their prices. A drop in price invariably means a drop in quality. That said there is nothing wrong with asking if there is a way to adapt the job to come within budget, we pride ourselves on a design to budget service where we find a way to deliver the best garden possible at your budget point. There are usually compromises that can be made where you still receive a great job and the tradesman can earn a living. On the other hand, a straight price drop with no compromise on the customers part leads to an unhappy tradesman working on your project and potentially standards dropping and corners being cut.

Go with your gut

Sometimes what’s most important is that you feel comfortable with the contractor- do they give of a good vibe? This person and his team are potentially going to be in your garden for weeks or even months. You need someone who you trust, someone who makes you feel confident, someone who makes you feel like your job is important to them. Most importantly, you need someone that will carry out the job to the highest standard.

In summary

Get recommendations if possible. View photos, but also ask to see the work in person. If the tradesman doesn’t make you feel confident and at ease then seek another one. Get the specifics on the work so you can be clear on quote comparisons. Don’t pick the lowest price because it’s the cheapest. Pick the tradesman that best ticks all the boxes above that is within your budget. 

Thank you for reading our blog ‘How to choose a landscape designer or landscape gardener’. If you are looking for a landscape designer, get in touch with Heath Landscapes today.

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