Delivering The Best Standard

At Heath landscapes we offer a specific design to budget service. The point of this is not to cut corners or do a cheap job it is to try and offer you a high end garden tailored to your needs and your budget. Obviously if money is no object we can pull out all the stops and create any look you want happy days. For most of us this is not the case and we get that. I am not saying we can create any garden for any budget but we can certainly offer options to get close to a desired look with material changes or layout tweaks. In short the idea is to find out exactly what you want from your garden and deliver it to a high standard within your budget.

The fee for this is £500 plus vat.

There are also options for 3D drawings if wanted for an even better visual representation.

For this investment - We can guide you through these 4 stages to build your dream garden!

Start To Finish

Stage 1

Initial Consultation

Initial consultation to discuss what you want from your garden. We can look at what you want from your garden then I can give you some price ideas so we can decide the best way to achieve what you want or as close too as possible with the available budget.

Stage 2

Concept Sketching

I will go away and produce a basic layout sketch to make sure we are on the right wavelength and everyone is happy with design. Once its on paper we might want to change/alter a few things. Once this is all signed off and agreed we move on.

Stage 3

Full Project Breakdown

Your design will be drawn up in colour to give you a better idea of final vision. I will also provide a full breakdown of job including materials and construction specifics.

Stage 4

Schedule Project

We can arrange a date to build your dream garden.

Setting a budget

We understand the advice never tell a tradesman your budget but the best advice I can give is be honest. In the initial consultation I will give you an idea of costings so we can set a budget. If you give a low budget then the final design will be based on that so possibly not to the standard you want. If you tell me you have £20000 then yes the garden will cost that as I will do the most I can for that money. If you say we could stretch to £20000 but £15000 is better I will tell you honestly what difference the £5000 will make and it will be your choice.

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