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Garden Design, Hertfordshire

Project Overview

This was a lovely project and a fantastic transformation. The brief was to update the tired and dated paving, reduce the amount of flower beds but keep some easier to manage plants and trees, revamp the pond, create an upper terrace for dining in the sun, create an allotment with new greenhouse and a new big shed.

The clients had some great ideas about what they wanted and supplied several good photos of the sort of finished garden they liked. We combined the best bits from each one to create a unique layout for their garden. There was a slope from right to left on top section to level up, a pond to relocate and a large septic tank to navigate and hide but no real issues.

Demolition Phase

The demolition phase involved taking up a lot of paving and unfortunately digging out a lot of shrubs and plants. At least we got to plant lots of new ones and a few new trees.

The build was a nice one, The first thing to do was replace one of the boundary fences as the timber posts had seen better days so we replaced with new fencing on concrete posts and gravel boards. once we had the walling in and pond built you could really start to see the new layout.

Porcelain Paving

The paving was a mix of khandla grey porcelain paving for the lower patio and cream porcelain paving for the steps, coping stones and top patio. We used a modern slimline acco system for drainage as it gives a real smart finish.

For the walling we used 9”hollow concrete blocks for strength faced up with a Camden brick slip to make it pretty chosen because it picked up the cream and grey from the paving nicely.

Pond Area

The pond was a replica of something the clients had seen and loved, it is a shallow pond with 3 fountains with built in filters lighting. It has a pre moulded liner and the bottom was covered with highland pebbles.

The allotment area contained the new greenhouse and some raised sleeper planters. It is framed with a timber arch structure as in the future the clients want to grow climbing plants over it.


The planting was designed to be low maintenance and nothing that grows to big. We used a mix of greens with year round colour in the leaves and a few sprays of purple and yellow to give a bit of uniform colour. We also planted 3 new trees more suited to the garden.

Outdoor Lighting

There was a simple electrics and lighting plan, we had spotlights in the beds, uplighters on the trees and the built in lights on the fountains. There was also a double socket on the house at the greenhouse and on the upper patio.

Last of all there was a light and double socket in the huge shed that we tucked down one side of the property to keep it out of the main garden area.

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