High Quality Fencing Materials

When it comes to fencing for your garden, quality materials are a must. They not only ensure durability and longevity but also add aesthetic value to your overall garden design. That’s why at Heath Landscapes & Garden Design, we only use high-quality materials for all our fencing projects.

We offer a wide range of fencing materials including wood and concrete. Our wood fencing options are made from the finest quality timber which not only guarantees durability and strength but also minimises our impact on the environment.

Whether it’s domestic or commercial projects, we are committed to providing consistent, high-quality work that aligns with your schedule and fits your budget.

Fencing Panels

At Heath Landscapes, we provide a variety of fencing solutions to suit all environments and budgets. We aim to provide a customised solution to suit your specifications and supply only the highest quality materials to guarantee longevity, style, and security in all locations.

Our fencing panel selection includes:

Larch lap panel – These are usually a cheaper panel made from rough-sawn horizontal overlapping boards pinned between battens and framed. They are a perfectly adequate option but not always suited to kids with footballs.

Close board panel – This is a stronger style of fencing made up of thicker vertical overlapping boards on 3 horizontal rails and framed.

Trellis Panel – This is usually more of a screening option, often used where full privacy is not required, as a guide for climbing plants. Trellis can also be used in small sections on the top of panels. Trellis is generally made from timber battens pinned in squares of varying sizes.

Decorative panels – These are usually the most expensive choice but offer lots of options when you want a certain look or feel. They are made of woven slats of smooth treated timber using incorporated lattice and trellis work with offset angles to produce high-quality stylish panels.

Feather edge fencing – This has a similar look to close-boarded panels but it is all made up as you go rather than bought in panel form. The rails are a little thicker and it comes as standard in 3 and 2.4 metre bays although it can be easily adapted.

If you don’t have a specific look and material in mind from the start, we would be delighted to offer advice on what would be most suitable based on your requirements. To learn more about our fencing solutions and discover the perfect fit for your garden, please contact us today.


Fencing Installation

A garden fence plays a crucial role in the overall design, offering both security and privacy to the outdoor space. Additionally, it can serve as a decorative feature, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your garden.

We offer expert installation of all fencing solutions across Hertfordshire, allowing you to experience exceptional quality and durability for years to come. Our team has been providing fencing and similar hard landscaping solutions for over two decades, helping to maintain high standards across the region and create secure, attractive outdoor spaces.

Our team handles the complete installation process and will work closely with you from the initial site preparation until the aftercare maintenance. Working closely with our clients allows us to meet every need and provide a tailored solution for their unique landscape.

Installation cannot begin until we have performed a site evaluation and determined the unique conditions of your garden. We can measure your landscape and determine the best size, shape and type of fence to suit your needs.

Choosing a fence that complements your garden’s style and size, while also being sturdy enough to endure various weather conditions, is crucial. Whether you are looking for privacy, protection for the kids or a stunning finishing touch to your garden design, our fencing solutions can be customised to suit all needs.

Once the initial site evaluation has been completed, we can install your chosen fence and choose a date that works best for you. Installation can be quick and disruption-free following good preparation, and our team aims to make things as easy as possible for you.

We can install fencing across a wide geographical area including Hertfordshire, Ware, St Albans, Hoddesdon, Hertford and Hatfield.

More Than Just Fencing

At Heath Landscapes & Garden Design we offer a wide range of landscaping services including driveways, turfing, garden design and decking.

We can provide a complete solution for your outdoor space and are committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

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We have 20 years of experience in this industry, which allows us to provide excellent service and deliver incredible projects to our customers.



We take pride in our team who exhibit exceptional professionalism and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.


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We specialise in working closely with each customer to create a unique and bespoke garden design that meets their individual needs.





Every member of our team has a genuine love for their work and brings unmatched passion to the creation of stunning gardens and driveways.


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We will find out exactly what you want from your new garden and deliver it to a very high standard within your budget.


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We offer a wide range of services, from installing a wide range of paving, new driveways or a full design and landscape of an existing garden space.

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