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Large Paving Project, Orwell

Project Overview

This was a project we took on for another designer that we do quite a lot of work for. It was a huge area of paving that wrapped all the way round the property. Some of it was renewing existing areas and rebuilding steps but at the back a whole new area was created and re-structured.

The brief was to repave what was there and create a new larger area to the rear with the option for shelter if needed. The idea was that the garden could be used for fairly large parties and gatherings so the regularly boggy lawn also needed to be made useable to extend the space available.

The clients had already purchased the beautiful timber building (breeze house) at the Chelsea flower show it just needed to be worked into the design. The paving and walling needed to have a modern feel but still in keeping with the older style of the property.

Preparing the Ground

The first challenge was to deal with the boggy lawn, not ideal for a new wall and patio build and also not ideal for extended gatherings as I believe the theme was more high heels and frocks than wellies and waders.

This meant the first job was to install lots of land drain in a network that could flow out the back of the garden to a soakaway ditch that was designed for exactly this purpose.

Once this was done the build could start this meant a lot of paving to take up, a lot of soil and concrete to dig out and a lot of aggregates, bricks and paving to be brought in, basically tonnes and tonnes of materials in and out.

Groundworks and Walling

The first actual construction was walling up and steps rebuilt and constructed to get levels correct for bases.

We then put in a challengingly precise oval base for the breeze house and got to constructing it. After this it was a simple albeit large paving project.

Marshalls Paving

We used a smooth Marshalls fairstone paving slab hand pointed with sand and cement to give a modern but old style look this was complimented with a matching walling brick used for both walling and edging.

There were a lot of curves and circles in the build that all had to be hand cut, it also meant the walls had to be built freehand rather than to a line which all made for a more challenging build.

Water Feature

We also installed a very heavy 3 sphere sandstone water feature. It was self contained on 3 reservoirs with separate pumps to give a gentle water sound as it trickled into the pebbles.

There was lighting in the steps , we used small led lights drilled into the steps to give a decorative glow rather than a huge illumination.

There were also some stalk lights in the planting areas, a couple of double sockets and power, heating and lighting to the breeze house.

Turfing and Planting

The last thing to do was relay some turf and get the plants in the ground. We can’t take credit for the plant selection as it was down to the designer but it was a beautiful selection and really pulled everything together.

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