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Patio and Driveway, Watford

Project Overview

The brief for this job was to restructure the awkward shaped unusable back garden by moving the fence to create a larger area and reduce the size of the large driveway.

The client wanted a low maintenance modern garden with a sheltered feel in an urban area. We were asked to create an area where they could socialise and entertain friends and family or just kick back and relax together.

The garden had to be simple and modern and catch the sun at both ends. The option of shade over the patio was a definite. We were also asked to use a bamboo screen to create privacy and soften the look of the concrete fencing. With the budget restrictions in mind we had to work hard to get the look that was desired with the money available.

The overall area was quite large and an odd shape but client was set on a sleek clean high end look . To achieve this we framed the main area to ease out the odd shape and create clean lines.

This also gave us the opportunity to work in some areas of shingle and reduce more expensive paving and decking areas without compromising on style. It also helped to level out the slope with some sleeper retains to edges.

The Build

The build was a heavy going start as there was a lot or re-structuring to create new areas and levels. We also had to remove a considerable hedge line and replace with heavy full concrete fencing.

The reason for the concrete fencing was that it matched other fencing in the garden and it was a busy path and road the other side so was a stronger more secure option.

London Stone Paving

Once this was out of the way it was a lovely build, we used a grey porcelain paving slab from London stone for the patio. We laid an artificial lawn for a low maintenance garden and installed a lovely smooth softwood deck at one end. We stained the deck to look like a dark hardwood.

We used sleepers for framing and level change and edged everything with a block paver that matched the drive. Over the deck we hung a large sail on oversized posts stained to match the decking. A great look and a cost effective way to create removable shade and shelter.


To create privacy and add a bit of green the client wanted bamboo round the perimeter so we built Timber planters round the edges and installed plastic liners in trenches to stop the bamboo spreading and getting out of control.

We used Derbyshire stone for the shingle, the two curved shingle areas are for an egg chair and a small self contained water feature that the clients will add themselves at a later date.

Driveway Installation

The driveway was a fairly simple build using a brett trio three sized tumbled paver with acco drainage across the back. Even with its reduced size it was easily big enough for four cars.

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