How To Build Garden Entertaining Areas

Garden Entertaining Areas To Renovate Your Outdoor Space

Refurbishing your outdoor space into an area you enjoy spending time in demands more than just pragmatic considerations. It’s a combination of functionality and appealing aesthetics that make an entertaining garden and help you create a space the whole family wants to be in.

Creating a stunning outdoor area for leisure and entertainment activities whether that is family gatherings, open-air dining experiences, or garden parties can be exciting and offer results that last.

At Heath Landscapes & Garden Design, we believe that your garden should be a space you are proud of. Your garden should be an environment that offers plenty of opportunities for enjoyable summer events, regardless of your budget or requirements.

In this guide, we outline the best tips for creating garden entertaining areas to aid your renovation and help you make the best design decisions for your landscape.

How To Plan Your Garden Entertaining Areas

A successful garden renovation starts with a strategically planned blueprint and this needs to be done when making your garden more entertaining.

Before commencing any physical work such as digging, planting, and landscaping, developing a plan is essential to outline your vision. When working with professional landscape gardners like our team, we will develop a plan that considers your vision and how your current landscape affects this.

Your existing layout of the garden plays a critical role in garden design and determines the possible transformations to make it a more engaging space.

During the planning phase, we will take the time to inspect and record the shape, size, and overall layout of your garden. This will not only determine the type of landscaping work that can take place but also how this can be used to design your new entertaining garden.

Assessing the size and shape of your garden will enable designers to construct specific zones and entertainment hubs across the landscape so all your needs are catered to.

How To Choose The Best Paving and Landscaping Materials

Refurbishing your outdoor space usually involves a mix of soft and hardscaping, including paving and patio development. The materials you choose for your garden can significantly affect the aesthetics and functionality, determining whether it’s a space apt for entertaining.

Creating an accessible space is key to making your garden more entertaining and paving serves as an excellent solution. Adding paving to your garden enables comfortable navigation through the landscape while accentuating specific entertainment zones like outdoor dining areas or BBQ spaces.

At Heath Landscapes & Garden Design, we offer a plethora of premium paving and landscaping options to complement all environments and will assist you in selecting the perfect fit for your space, including:

Natural Stone

Opt for natural stone driveways and paving for a forever-in-trend, classy look. This material is extremely durable, making it ideal for a range of uses.

Available in various colours and textures for customised choices, our Yorkstone is perfect for both traditional and contemporary homes.


Concrete is a versatile paving option and is one of the most economical, which is why it continues to be a popular choice in the region.

We offer varied finishes and patterns of our concrete paving, ensuring they can be customised to match your specific needs and enhance any property.


Porcelain is a stunningly opulent addition to any outdoor space, offering timeless style and lasting durability.

Porcelain paving is long-lasting and holds a sleek aesthetic appeal that can enhance your garden enjoyment for years to come.

How To Make Garden Entertaining Areas

There are various ways you can create garden entertaining areas that the whole family can enjoy and design a truly unique space for your home. Our top tips include:

Integrating Focal Points

Landscaping is an excellent tool to make your garden more entertaining and create areas of interest throughout the space. Various features like flower beds and hardscaping features can be incorporated into your garden design to create areas of interest.

With suitable paving materials, you can create a winding pathway leading to a beautiful pond or a garden sculptor, complemented with local wildlife and native flowers. Decorate your new pathway with raised flower beds, full of thriving and vibrant flora.

This adds an instant pop of colour to your landscape, and with the right species, it can attract a range of insects, like bees and butterflies, to make the garden a living landscape.

Focal points can serve as decorative features across your new or existing landscaping, highlighting specific areas of interest and creating a sense of wonder throughout the garden with careful planning.

Garden Furniture For Entertainment Zones

Once you have mapped out the specific entertainment zones in your garden, like a dining area or an outdoor kitchen, use outdoor furniture to complete the look.

Outdoor furniture can create a welcoming space for friends and family. Whether it be large dining tables, complete with matching chairs to accommodate the whole family, or outdoor sofas and soft furnishings for a cosy relaxation space, there is an array of options to suit your needs.

When adorning your outdoor entertainment zones with furniture, consider the mood you want to set in this space and how you can establish it with furniture. Decorative features such as colourful dining sets or fluffy cushions can create areas of interest and make the space inviting to all.

In addition to considering the aesthetic appeal of garden furniture, ensure you choose durable solutions that can withstand the elements. Outdoor dining tables made from aluminium, teak or synthetic wicker will be better equipped to endure the weather compared to cheaper alternatives.

If you plan to invest in soft furnishings, ensure you have adequate storage space to protect them when not in use and during cold months when the garden is not in use.

Creating Ambience With Garden Lighting

Garden lighting is an excellent tool for creating ambience and brings a sense of playfulness to the garden.

Lighting can accentuate entertaining areas in your garden, like warm lanterns around seating zones or twinkle lights to create a backdrop for your outdoor dining area. It can also showcase unique garden features after sundown, such as pathway lights to highlight your new porcelain paving or uplighting on garden sculptures or water features.

It is beneficial to have some form of lighting in the garden for accessibility and security, but this doesn’t mean it has to be mundane. Experimenting with different types, sizes, and tones of lighting can be an exciting way to light up your outdoor space and ensure that the entertainment extends into the night.

Incorporate Greenery For Natural Interest

Great garden design leverages the natural landscape and enhances the beauty around it. This is why a garden isn’t complete without an assortment of plants, flowers, and other greenery.

Flowers can add a pop of colour to otherwise dull areas in the garden, but they aren’t your only option. Other plants such as shrubs and trees can be used across the garden to highlight specific features.

A mix of plant types and species ensures the garden remains entertaining throughout the year. Incorporating a mix of perennial and annual plants will keep some colour in the garden across seasons, and also make it more interesting to look at.

Thorough planning is necessary for a successful garden – one that thrives throughout the season and looks pleasing to the eye. Preliminary tasks like soil balancing and lawn care may be required before adding plants to the landscape for a cohesive, attractive look.

Integrate Entertaining Features

Entertaining features can quickly make your outdoor space more engaging and turn your landscape into an entertainment hub. Various examples of entertaining features can be included in your garden, regardless of size or budget.

For example, fire pits make for a great entertainment feature for all landscapes. Whether you go for a rustic, open fire or a modern variant, there are options to suit all gardens. These areas quickly become entertainment hubs.

Complete the fire pit with comfortable seating where you can spend time with loved ones late into the evening, enjoying the flickering flames.

Equally, outdoor kitchens and barbecues become entertainment hubs and attract people to your garden. Outdoor kitchens offer a stylish, modern feature for your garden transformation, facilitating outdoor dining for any occasion.


By following these tips, you can transform your garden into a beautiful, practical, and inviting space loved by family and friends.

As we gear up for the summer season and the days become longer, now is the perfect time to refurbish your outdoor space and create a garden you love spending time in.

Being outdoors is highly beneficial for people of all ages and creating an entertaining garden encourages spending more time in fresh air, experiencing the simple joys of nature.

At Heath Landscapes & Garden Design, we have helped countless people revamp their gardens and home exteriors into beautiful garden entertaining areas.

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