How to Add More Interest to Your Garden

Transforming Your Garden With Design And Interest

When you look into your garden, do you feel as though something is missing? This may be a sign that you need a touch of redesign and magic to elevate the appeal of your outdoor landscape, making it an interesting garden that you can all enjoy once more.

Gardens can lose their charm over time, like many other forms of art and design. Without the original charm, you may feel like you’ve lost interest in your garden and no longer feel inspired to spend time in it anymore.

If this rings true for your garden, then it is time to infuse some new life into it and add interest.

At Heath Landscapes, we believe that redesigning your garden into an inspiring and interesting garden requires a blend of both garden design and natural elements. Both forces offer stunning landscapes when separate so combined they offer a fantastic chance for homeowners to increase the aesthetic apparel of their garden and create an interesting, inviting space for everyone to enjoy.

How to Redo Your Garden?

To add more interest to your garden and create a fun, inspiring place for the whole family to enjoy you will need to get familiar with the basics of garden design. Firstly, this requires learning the basic principles of garden design as this will give you an overview of how the project will take shape.

All forms of garden design, from large renovations to small makeovers, require an initial site evaluation. This first step in the process is a way for designers and landscapes to get a good overview of the space, as they will assess the form, contours and direction of the garden to inform all decisions.

As we have already mentioned, the best garden designs are those that incorporate natural elements so working with the preexisting structure of your garden is required for a seamless finished product.

During the design process, it is also recommended for clients to pick a focus or theme for the project. The focus of the project gives us more to work with and allows designers to consider an aesthetic focus. Adding more whimsy and interest into the garden is a popular focus these days, as more people spend time in their own landscapes and gardens.

With this focus, you can create a theme for your garden design and remain on track throughout the project – ensuring the final result exceeds your expectations and includes the charm you desire.

How To Add Interest To Your Garden

Now that you understand the basics of garden design and how the project will take shape, it is time to consider the ways you can add more interest to your garden.

Making a garden more interesting and inspiring requires a combination of multiple features, with a consistent integration of natural elements as well as personal considerations to make the space unique to you.

Some of our best tips for adding interest to your garden include:

Planting Variety

One of the most obvious areas to start when it comes to garden design is plants. Flowers, foliage and potted plants can be added to multiple areas of the garden to add interest and create a stunning visual appeal to the space.

It is recommended, when focusing on adding interest to the garden, to use a variety of plants and flowers. Mix and match perennial and annual plants to ensure that the pop of colour, texture and shape will remain present throughout the year.

As well as considering the types of plants used throughout the garden, also consider mixing multiple heights and shades to offer more depth to the space. Don’t be afraid to go bold with bright flowers and unique buds to create more intrigue across garden zones.

There are so many plants available for you to experiment with and mixing a combination of species, types, and colours allows you to create your own unique aesthetic that is certainly going to be interesting.

Play With Colour

Much like adding multiple types of flowers and foliage to your garden to offer depth and intrigue, consider mixing different colours in the garden for the same benefits. Colour in the garden does not just have to come from plants and flowers, as it can also come from garden furniture and features – allowing you to have a broad spectrum of shades.

Colour is a valuable tool for setting the mood and you can experiment with different colour schemes based on the kind of feelings you want to evoke in areas of your garden. For example, warm colours like reds and yellows can create a lively and spirited atmosphere to the garden, which is ideal for entertainment areas. Cooler colours, on the other hand, like white and blue, create a sense of tranquillity which is ideal for a reading nook or secluded relaxation zone in the garden.

If you are not sure where to start, professional landscapers and designers can offer advice regarding colour schemes and how to incorporate this into your garden to set the right tone.

Light and Shade For Ambiance

Outdoor lighting offers more than just illumination – it’s also a great tool for ambience in the garden. As soon as the natural light starts to fade, you can rely on your garden lights to set the tone of the evening with its creation of light and shade.

Lighting is a great tool for safety in the garden, such as illuminating the garden path, but it can also create a warm, intriguing interest ideal for relaxing or entertaining.

From twinkly fairy lights to traditional garden lanterns, outdoor lighting features can create any mood you want and generate areas of interest even when the sun goes down.

Sound And Visual Effects With Water

Water features are another great way to add interest and intrigue to your garden. Not only are water features like fountains, waterfalls or even small ponds, stunning visual elements for your garden but running water generates a soothing soundtrack that you can enjoy at all times when outdoors.

If you are limited in space or within your budget, even simple water elements like a birdbath can add interest to your garden.

While this may not create the soothing ambient sound of running water, it will add depth to your garden and encourage wildlife to enter. Seeing creatures like birds, insects and even frogs enjoy your garden as much as you do is incredibly pleasurable and an interesting spectacle for people of all ages.

Maintaining Interest Throughout the Changing Seasons

Adding interest to your garden is not something you do once, it is an ongoing process. If you want to see lasting results and create an intriguing environment that can be enjoyed all year round, then continuing maintenance is required to upkeep the garden.

Professional help is available for garden maintenance and landscaping. To maintain interest in your garden throughout the year and keep the landscape healthy, the following steps may be taken:

Seasonal Planting

Having a mixture of both perennial and annual plants is recommended to add interest to your garden. However, to ensure this lasts more planning is required if you are going to be relying on plants and foliage.

Seasonal planting requires meticulous planning and careful consideration of plant choices based on the local ecosystem, your harden, and the kind of care you can afford. With this kind of strategy, you can create different zones in your garden so that when one plant cycle is complete, another is just beginning – ensuring you are never without.

With a continuous rotation of plant life, you can ensure your garden is vibrant and captivating all year long.

Nourish With Mulch and Compost

To encourage healthy growth in all your plants throughout the year, organic mulch and compost should be used.

These are natural tools that will nourish plants, offering them the essential nutrients they need to keep flourishing throughout the season and also offer additional benefits.

Natural nourishment like mulch also comes with the added benefits of holding moisture, suppressing weeds and enriching the soil so you can constantly cultivate a healthy environment in your garden. This will continue throughout the seasons, helping plants go through their natural cycles and flourish.

Pruning To Sustain Your Garden’s Health

Frequent pruning greatly contributes to retaining the form and overall well-being of all plant life in your garden.

Pruning offers the best results when performed seasonally, and the more committed you are to this process the better results you can generate.

While it may seem counterproductive at first, pruning actually stimulates new development and encourages flowering in plants – helping them to flourish and grow healthily even as the seasons change. Performing this regularly allows you to maintain the beauty and intrigue you have created throughout your garden, as well as ensuring it will return next spring.

If you are undecided about whether to make these commitments to care for your garden, you should remember that a healthy garden is an enchanting one and therefore all efforts are worthwhile.

Heath Landscapes: Your Partner in Garden Transformation

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From garden design to the installation of outdoor features and landscaping services, we can help you create an interesting garden that remains inviting and inspiring all year round.

Our team of experts are committed to providing the highest standard of work and connecting directly with clients to help meet their specific needs.

Allow us to transform your garden and create a space that is welcoming, inspiring and fun for the whole family.

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