Designing the Landscape of 2024

2024 Garden Design Trends to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Garden design isn’t just about arranging a few plants and hoping for the best. It’s an art form that composes the great outdoors into a symphony of colours, shapes, and textures.

With each new year comes a fresh slate of trends, and as we leap into 2024, it’s time to unpack the future of garden design.

These trends are not only aesthetically pleasing but also an incisive commentary on the trajectory of our planet-friendly awareness and our deep-seated desire to be closer to nature.

Whether you’re an avid green thumb or a budding enthusiast, this deep-dive into garden design trends will inspire your green spaces for the year ahead.

Biophilic Design

2024 heralds a deeper interest in biophilic design, where the goal is to foster a stronger connection to the natural world within the modern built environment. In garden terms, this means blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors, incorporating more natural light, and making room for plants that echo the aesthetics of your interior design.

This trend is about balance—creating gardens that coexist harmoniously with the natural features of your environment.

The use of local, seasonal plants not only aids in reducing your garden’s carbon footprint but also allows you to create a garden that reflects the beauty of your local area.

Natural materials like wood, stone, and wicker are set to make a renaissance, providing textural interest and a lasting link to nature within your garden.

Another new trend making an appearance this year will be the introduction of ‘living walls’ on patio areas. Wildflower areas are also starting to become increasingly popular within a garden to help with wildlife and insect habitats.

Transforming Balconies and Roof Terraces

This year, expect a surge in garden design solutions for small spaces that don’t compromise on the dramatic effect.

Furniture that folds and tucks away, all-weather flooring solutions, and statement greenery like luscious philodendron or elegant orchids are set to take over ledges, balconies, and rooftops.

To master this trend, think vertical, think foldable, and think multi-use. Every surface can become a potential plot for growth, and every piece of furniture can serve dual purposes, transforming your outdoor spaces into veritable outdoor living rooms despite the limitations of square footage.

Edible Landscaping

Why limit the beauty of your garden to flowers and shrubs when you can harvest a rainbow of vegetables and herbs as well?

Edible landscaping is about creating a space that is as visually stunning as it is resourceful. This year, expect a move towards a more integrated approach where food plants are intermingled with ornamentals to create a garden that’s not only a feast for the eyes but also for the palate.

Edible landscaping makes sustainability part of your daily life. It cuts down on food miles, encourages biodiversity, and minimises waste. It’s a trend that’s as good for the environment as it is for your dinner plate.

Sustainable Water Features

Water has long been at the heart of garden design, and in 2024, sustainable water features take centre stage. The trend isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a self-sufficient, low-impact garden that can weather the harshest of conditions without a drop to waste.

Ponds and rain gardens that can handle heavy downpours without flooding are sustainable solutions that double as serene spots for reflection. Solar-powered fountains and waterfalls add the soothing sound of flowing water without a hefty energy bill.

Tech-Savvy Gardening

Gardening is an age-old hobby, but it doesn’t mean it can’t benefit from the latest technology. In 2024, expect to see a garden that’s just as connected as the rest of your life. Smart irrigation systems that adjust to the weather forecast, robotic lawnmowers that cut the grass while you put your feet up, and apps that can identify a plant with a quick scan are just the beginning.

This tech-savvy trend is about efficiency. It gives you the tools to take better care of your garden with less time and effort. It’s also about information. Apps and devices that monitor the health of your plants, the soil, and the weather conditions give you a deeper understanding of your garden’s needs.

Cultivating Change

Garden design trends for 2024 are more than just a style update. They’re a reflection of our changing relationship with the environment, both on a macro and micro level.

Sustainability, connectivity, and a celebration of the beauty of the natural world are at the heart of these trends, guiding us towards a future where our gardens are not just a part of our lives but active contributors to our well-being and that of the planet.

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