Garden Design Video Walkthrough, Stansted Abbots

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Jim from Heath Landscapes, and I’m going to show you around our new project in Stansted Abbots.

Before Video

As you can see, skips arrived nice and early, so let’s show you around the back. Nice access leading up to the property, which is always good. Nice wide alleyway, good access for digger, good barrel run.

Taking the panel out to access for the digger, and as you can see, first thing you notice is an expanse of concrete and a garden that’s not had a lot of love in quite some time.

First problem, if you will call it a problem, is we’ve got a garage here, a door there. So, there’s not much we can do about this slope as the customer wants to leave ramped access to the garage.

So, what we’re going to do is take up all this concrete and we’re going to lay a mixture of block paving and porcelain to create a nice contemporary effect. There’s going to be an angled step across here to give the level change from bottom to top. Moving into this top area, it’s going to be a majority porcelain.

The block paving edging to tie it into the bottom project. We can’t take this concrete up because the garage is built on it and structurally the customer is worried. So, we are actually just going to pave over the top, which we don’t normally recommend.

Coming into this top section, we’ve got a wall. The wall is staying, but it’s going to be changed in structure and we’re going to clad it with porcelain paving to tie it in with the bottom. I’m also going to clad the steps and put lighting into the front of the steps.

At the moment, as you can see, the lads are just working out site levels. We’ll spray the job out and we’ll get going with the digger.


Moving here, we’re going to have a two metre wide path, the same as the steps, going all the way up to the back to lead to the summer house, where we’re going to have decking, which I’ll show you through in a minute.

To the left and the right, there’s going to be turfing. This area here is going to be dug out and there will be a base put in, which is going to have a hot tub in the future.

Composite Decking

Moving up to the back of the garden, we’re going to be using composite decking. It’s going to come out three metres from the summer house and then it’s going to have full length steps coming down to the garden. Again, with lighting underneath to create a nice glow.

And the decking is then going to wrap right around the summer house, where we’ve got Dylan digging away at the roots.

New fencing

Coming down this side, although the fencing’s been done, we’re going to have to redo it because it looks awful, and also the posts that have been used aren’t long enough, so that’s going to need correcting too.

So, as you can see, at the moment, not a fantastic garden, hopefully in a few weeks, much better.

After Video

Job complete and quite a transformation. We’ve got Marshall’s Tegular grade block paving. Mixed in with a porcelain path at the start of the project.
This is to negotiate the slope we have here and make the linkway from the back door to the garage.

We’ve also got new echo drainage in to take the rainwater plumbed into this recessed manhole you’ll see cut in here.

Moving onwards, we’ve got a step in here installed with lighting. We will show some images of the lighting in the photo section.

London Stone Paving

And then we have got London Stone porcelain paving, Dura Grey, edged with the same Marshalls Tegular driveway blocks to tie in with the paving down here. You’ll see we’ve completely reclad and rebuilt the wall, again just to tie in with the paving.

Coping stones on the top, and then more steps coming up the middle, we’ve got a, a dura grade path with charcoal block paving, and then we’ve just got a small lawn to either side.

This is another area of paving which will eventually take a hot tub. We’ve got lighting, spotlight in down here to light up this tree.

We’ve also got spike lights in the flower beds there. The customer wishes to plant the bed up in their own time. So, we’ve left that for them.

London Stone Decking

And then we’ve got London Stone charcoal design board decking up the top with quite a massive set of steps. Again, we’ve got some quite impressive lighting that ties in with the bottom which we’ll show again in the photo section.

Leading up to the clad summer house and we’ve also reinstated properly the fencing down the bottom of the garden.

But, if we get a view from the top here, I think you’ll agree, quite a nice transformation.

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